Pet Rescue & Education

APE ACTION is no longer a shelter facility or rescue group that can take in animals.
We as a group assist, network, and raise funding with other groups to help them with their animal placement.  We are a small group of non paid individuals that hold fundraisers or pay out of our own pocket for the expenses need.  We are not funded by grants and rely solely on your donations and the adoption donations we receive when one of our dogs get placed.



Adopt Goldie!

Goldie up for adoption

Goldie is an adorable little chihuahua, about 6lbs and maybe 11 years old.  She is as sweet as can be, gets along with all dogs, loves to go for walks or just cuddle up on the couch.  She would make anyone an amazing companion.

Our Most Recent Adoptions…


Olav and bugsy adoption day

Bugsy now has a dad and a brother!


Maisy (Now Riley)!

shernie and anna

Riley now has a mom, dad and big dog brother.  🙂

Olivia (Now Lola)!


Lola has been adopted into her awesome forever home with a mom an dad that adore her.  We are so happy for them all!

Sarah Jessica Parker!


SJP has found her forever home with an amazing mom and dad, and an awesome brother and sister!



Miles was adopted by one of our previous adoptive homes, he now lives with his senior brother Oliver and helps Ollie get around since he lost his sight.


Edie adopted!
So happy to report that our little Miss Edie has found a wonderful home where she is cherished and loved more than she ever could have dreamed of.


Dallas and Romeo adopted!


We are so happy that they have found their forever home!


My name is Mr. Tebow!

From being left in a taped up box in a dumpster, to almost being killed in a local shelter, this sweet little boy is now safe in his forever home loved by his adoptive parents.


My name is Mr. Russell! (so happy his parents are foster failures)



 This little lover found his forever home with his foster family!  🙂

If interested in adopting one of our dogs, this is our 1-2-3 step adoption process:

Step 1– Email us for an application at , you will receive an auto reply, you must fill out the answers to these questions to get a response, this  helps us determine if the pet you are interested in is a match.  Once the auto reply answers are reviewed, you will be sent a link for an on line adoption application (or you can just fill out the application directly via the link at the top of this page).
Step 2– Complete adoption application, once it’s reviewed and approved you will be contacted for a private meeting with the dog you are interested in, most likely in the West Hollywood area.
Step 3– House Check/Adoption Contract and Adoption Donation

PLEASE NOTE:  We are not a shelter or rescue group that can take in animals, we only have a few dogs that still need to be adopted and we are helping other groups to get their dogs adopted.  Our focus is on Spay & Neuter, and fundraising to fund mobile Spay and Neuter Events.

We do private meet and greets in West Hollywood by appointment, upon an approved application. If you would like to meet a dog, please contact us, fill out the auto reply questions, and request an application.

Your new Best Friend awaits you. 🙂
Thank you!

Our Main Focus…

We do not get paid for the charity work we do and we usually end up paying for the costs needed to cover the expenses incurred in our work.  We work for free, but need donations to cover expenses for the animals we save.  On any given day we can either be saving/vetting/rehoming dogs, spaying and neutering pets for people that can’t afford to do it themselves, or transporting animals to partner rescue groups.  There NEVER is a shortage on the need for help, but we can’t do the work we do, if we don’t have financial support. If you would like to help us by volunteering, please contact us to help!  If you can’t volunteer, but would like to assist us in the work we do, please donate what you can to help us with our mission.

Fundraising for Mobile Spay & Neuter Events


The current practice of impounding and euthanizing animals is neither ethical nor humane. The estimated $173 it costs tax payers to catch, house, and then kill each animal brought into the shelter system could be better spent on Spay and Neuter.  Which can be done for less than $100 an animal.


We are currently looking to partner up with other groups that want to work on holding mobile spay and neuter clinics in low income areas.


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