Pet Rescue & Education

APE ACTION is no longer a shelter facility or rescue group that can take in animals.
We as a group assist, network, and raise funding with other groups to help them with their animal placement.  We are a small group of non paid individuals that hold fundraisers or pay out of our own pocket for the expenses need.  We are not funded by grants and rely solely on your donations and the adoption donations we receive when one of our dogs get placed.



Bugsy (lower right corner) is a chi/terrier mix, about 6 lbs and is maybe 5 years old.

Maisy ( large photo on the left) is a chi mix about 6lbs and maybe 3 years old.

Olivia (top photo on the right) is a Parson Russel mix, about 12lbs and maybe 2 years old.

Lani (middle photo on the right)  is a chi mix, about 6lbs and maybe 10 years old.


Recent Adoptions!

Sarah Jessica Parker!


SJP has found her forever home with an amazing mom and dad, and an awesome brother and sister!



Miles was adopted by one of our previous adoptive homes, he now lives with his senior brother Oliver and helps Ollie get around since he lost his sight.


Edie adopted!


She is about 5 years old, a Fox Terrier/Chihuahua who would love to belong to someone special. She is so sweet and loves everyone. A great little dog who enjoys other dogs, new people, but again, is pining for a special heart of her own. She is about 10 pounds of pure happiness. If interested in Edie, please contact us for an application to set up a meet and greet!

She was saved from the shelter being left their by her owners and put in the medical ward. Since getting out of the shelter and healing/rehabbing she’s been DOING GREAT! She has a TON of energy and LOVES to hike and walk! She’s got the energy of a 2 year old (that terrier in her) so DON’T let the age of her fool you, this girl is READY TO GO! She’s the sweetest little thing, loves to be healed and cuddled. She gets along w/other dogs, is crate trained at night, is learning to walk at a heel on leash. If you would like to meet this beautiful little girl, contact us for an application.

Approved applications can set private meetings in the West Hollywood area.


ADOPTED!!!!!   DALLAS AND ROMEO  (Bonded Pair)

Dallas and Romeo adopted!


Here is their back story…(get a tissue) These two have had some REALLY bad luck, but thankfully that has now changed.  They were taken out of a shelter by a “rescue” that was later evicted and dumped them and 5 other dogs back into a high kill shelter. This “rescue” also abandoned a bunch of dogs in boarding and left over 50+ cats and kittens (some dead) on the property.  Obviously this “rescue” wasn’t a quality rescue at all.

We found about these two and the others being abandonded in the shelter and hoped they would be saved, knowing we didn’t have the ability to save them all. Two were adopted and the other four waited and waited. Speaking to the shelter worker at the over populated kill shelter out in the middle of the desert that was trying to get them out into rescues or adoptive homes, we were told they were sweet dogs that the “rescue” said they were her personal dogs.

We decided that leaving them there to die would be too heartbreaking for us to consider, so we took them with just a few donations and no where for them to go. We had to put them in boarding and find foster homes.



Dallas’s Story…This sweet little guy is a little lover.  He is as sweet as can be and just loves to go for walks/hikes/car rides, you name it, he’s ready to go!  He and his brother Romeo get along and are like two peas in a pod.  They sleep and cuddle and actually walk the same and make the same silly movements that make them look like they are coping each other.  He is a mix between a Miniature Pinscher and a Dachshund.

Both are about 5-7 years old, updated on shots, fixed, crate trained!

We are so happy that they have found their forever home!


ADOPTED!!!  My name is Mr. Tebow! (so excited he went home for the holidays!)

OMG this poor little guy! He is such a love.
He was found thrown out in a tightly taped up box at a gas station. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then sat at the shelter for a month waiting for someone to save him and no one came. It was in the 11th hour that our rescue saw his story and said there is no way that poor dog is going through being saved from that and then being killed in the shelter.He is SOOOOO sweet! We can’t understand where he came from because he is the best little dog. His foster mom wrote this…”Someone please give this little guy a good home! He is so special in every way. What a fun little personality! Best Foster dog we have ever had! He gets along great with our four year old little girl and our elderly chihuahua. Shopped for an hour in a dog bag and didn’t make a peep! We will provide his food for one year to the person who adopts him.”He is approx 6-8 years young and loves riding in the car and going for walks and hikes. He knows sit and stay and does fine around other dogs. He can be anywhere from 6-8 years old and has lots of fun energy to him. He has been in three short term foster homes and adapts to new environments very well. Our WISH is for Tebow to be in a stable permanent home.

ADOPTED!!!  My name is Mr. Russell! (so happy his parents are foster failures)

This is your guy! He’s the SWEETEST chihuahua we’ve ever met, just wants a lap to put his name on and he’s all set.If you are looking for your best friend for life, Mr. Russell is your man. He loves to go for walks, hikes, car rides or just hang out at home and cuddle on the couch or in your lap. He gets along with all dogs and cats!

EVERYONE that meets him is in awe of how sweet he is, just as calm as can be and fits right in w/any place or situation.


Our Adoption Process:

Step 1- Email us for an application
Step 2- Meet Pet
Step 3- House Check
Step 4- Adoption Contract and Adoption Donation
Step 5- Thank You for rescuing your NEW BEST FRIEND!!

PLEASE NOTE:  We are not a shelter or rescue group that can take in animals, we only have a few dogs that still need to be adopted and we are helping other groups to get their dogs adopted.  Our focus is on Spay & Neuter, and fundraising to fund mobile Spay and Neuter Events.

We do private meet and greets in West Hollywood by appointment, upon an approved application. If you would like to meet a dog, please contact us, fill out the auto reply questions, and request an application.

Your new Best Friend awaits you. 🙂
Thank you!

Our Main Focus…

We do not get paid for the charity work we do and we usually end up paying for the costs needed to cover the expenses incurred in our work.  We work for free, but need donations to cover expenses for the animals we save.  On any given day we can either be saving/vetting/rehoming dogs, spaying and neutering pets for people that can’t afford to do it themselves, or transporting animals to partner rescue groups.  There NEVER is a shortage on the need for help, but we can’t do the work we do, if we don’t have financial support. If you would like to help us by volunteering, please contact us to help!  If you can’t volunteer, but would like to assist us in the work we do, please donate what you can to help us with our mission.

Fundraising for Mobile Spay & Neuter Events


The current practice of impounding and euthanizing animals is neither ethical nor humane. The estimated $173 it costs tax payers to catch, house, and then kill each animal brought into the shelter system could be better spent on Spay and Neuter.  Which can be done for less than $100 an animal.


We are currently looking to partner up with other groups that want to work on holding mobile spay and neuter clinics in low income areas.


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