When you shop for a gift here, you are helping a dog in need…

We are always in need of donations and are always looking for ways to fundraise to help with the costs associated with the dogs in our care.

We have dogs that are with us for months, or years before they are adopted, while some never find their forever home.  When we save a dog it’s for the life of the animal.  If it’s not adopted, we keep it as a foster in our rescue and it gets to live out it’s life as one of our “lifer” or “sanctuary” dogs.  If you would like to help fund the rescues daily operating costs such as food, grooming, vet care, training, for our “lifers”, you can do so by purchasing a candle for yourself or as a gift.  100% of the profit of the candle goes towards our rescue dogs.

You can choose from different sizes and types of candles.  There are small and large beer bottle size candles,  wine bottles and personalized wine bottles.

Personalized with your pets photo and any wording you would like.  Great as a gift or as a special way to memorials a beloved pet that has passed.

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Prices range from $15-$45.  You can also purchase personalized matchboxes to go with the candle for $6.00.  All candles are hand cut and ground, made from recycled bottles with soy wax and low smoke 100% cotton wicks.  You can order scented or non scented.

If you would like to promote these candles to raise money for your rescue organization, your buyers will just need to mention that they came through your organization so the donation goes to your group.  You can contact Jill directly at ape4dogs@yahoo(dot)com to set this up and if you have any questions.




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