Who would DO such a thing?

Twenty Chihuahua mixes were stuffed20-Adorable-Dogs-Stuffed-into-a-Coffin into a coffin, which was nailed shut, and left to die in the scorching sun. Rescued in the nick of time, the dogs were in terrible condition. Daisy had to have her eye removed. Diego showed symptoms of pneumonia. Tall Boy and Sophie had kennel cough. All of them were afraid and could not even look at people. When they were saved they huddled together with their faces to the wall.

With love, care and medical attention, they are slowly learning to trust again and that not all people are bad.

With your support, we can help pay the local medical costs for Daisy, Diego, Tall Boy, Sophie, Xena, and Sassy, and help other innocent animals who have been through the worst experiences imaginable. Each year American Humane Association rescues thousands from abuse, neglect, disasters, and cruelty, and through our animal emergency funds helps pay to save and rehabilitate sweet and adoptable animals like these so they have a better chance at finding a forever home.

You can send your donation via paypal to Donate@apeaction.org

Update:  Sassy, Daisy and Tall Boy are still awaiting their forever homes.  Please contact us at adoptions@apeaction.org if you would like to be one of their adoptive homes.

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