Dimes for Dogs

DIMES FOR DOGS Recycle Project that helps find homes for dogs in need and promotes Spay and Neuter.

DIMES FOR DOGS has worked with Animal Action League and CAN Spay and Neuter clinics in the Indio Ca area.

If you want to help us fund  clinics, you can send a tax deductible donation.
(note that it’s for the Dimes for Dogs clinics)

If donating via paypal, please make sure to send it as a gift so no fees are taken out.

Here are a few videos of a recent clinic, look at the turn out of people! Shows how many people and animals need this service!



More about the mobile clinic…



We are also helping some dogs find their forever homes, if you are looking to adopt, check out these wonderful dogs looking for homes.

  • 800,000 pets enter CA Shelters each year, of them 50% are killed.
  • Taxpayers spend upwards of 250 Million dollars each year to euthanize unwanted pets.
  • The local shelter, in the area we provide mobile clinics, euthanizes 85% of the dogs that come in and 99% of the cats.
  • We will fix 98 pets through two mobile spay and neuter events.
  • It costs us $110 per dog and $70 per cat.


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