Rescue & Education

sky dog sanctuary pic

We are very passionate about the plight of our wild horses.  We need to make sure that The SAFE Act (HR 961) passes.  Please go to the below link to find out how you can help the wild horses, you can even help support the sanctuary by becoming a sponsor, info on their site.


COURTESY POST: (Please contact the person in charge at the email listed in the info)



This silly little guy is looking for his forever home, he’s 4  years old and under 20lbs, he would be best in a home w/o other dogs, but does get along with dogs, just doesn’t like them around his “stuff”.  If you would like to know more info about Ryder, you can check out his adoption post or contact his rescue at


We assist by networking for other groups to help them with their animal placement.

Our organization doesn’t have PETS FOR ADOPTION. Please check out Petfinder or Adopt a Pet for pets in need of adoptive homes.

RIP Goldie

Goldie up for adoption

Our sweet little Goldie was with us while she awaited her forever home…that never came.  She spent her last year/months with us and we couldn’t be more grateful to have had her in our care.  She was an amazing little girl.  As sweet as can be, no trouble at all and such a calm soul who would have been killed at a local shelter if we didn’t step in and save her.  We had hoped she would find a forever home, but we are so glad she got to be ours forever.  If you are thinking about adopting a senior pet, PLEASE do.  They are being killed in our shelters every single day and they deserve better.  Senior pets are usually so easy to adapt into a new home, they normally don’t require much in training and spend a lot of time sleeping so are very low maintenance vs a younger dog or puppy.

Our Most Recent Adoptions…


Olav and bugsy adoption day

Bugsy now has a dad and a brother!


Maisy (Now Riley)!

shernie and anna

Riley now has a mom, dad and big dog brother.  🙂

Olivia (Now Lola)!


Lola has been adopted into her awesome forever home with a mom an dad that adore her.  We are so happy for them all!

Sarah Jessica Parker!


SJP has found her forever home with an amazing mom and dad, and an awesome brother and sister!



Miles was adopted by one of our previous adoptive homes, he now lives with his senior brother Oliver and helps Ollie get around since he lost his sight.


Edie adopted!
So happy to report that our little Miss Edie has found a wonderful home where she is cherished and loved more than she ever could have dreamed of.


Dallas and Romeo adopted!


We are so happy that they have found their forever home!


My name is Mr. Tebow!

From being left in a taped up box in a dumpster, to almost being killed in a local shelter, this sweet little boy is now safe in his forever home loved by his adoptive parents.


My name is Mr. Russell! (so happy his parents are foster failures)



 This little lover found his forever home with his foster family!  🙂


Our Main Focus…

We do not get paid for the charity work we do and we pay for the costs and expenses out of our own pocket if we find a dog or cat in need of help.  Preventing unwanted litters from being born and then killed in our local shelters is our main passion.  If you can donate to local spay and neuter organizations in your area, you will be helping control the pet population which is a huge problem for almost any city or town.

Mobile Spay & Neuter Events


The current practice of impounding and euthanizing animals is neither ethical nor humane. The estimated $173 it costs tax payers to catch, house, and then kill each animal brought into the shelter system could be better spent on Spay and Neuter.  Which can be done for less than $100 an animal.


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